Annette, Natalie, & Stephanie losing weight and getting fit Who can lose the most?

Friday, May 21, 2004


We all need some support. That's why we're doing this together. Maybe you'll be motivated when we post weights Monday.

Walking is a great idea and it will be good for you and mom to get out and do it together.

I know about stress. Things here at work are crazy and when I get home I've got the baby to think about, too. I've got employees with family health crises, people quitting, and people who can't get along with coworkers in other departments. Plus, we're moving and merging at the end of next month!

I've done some things to improve my eating, but we rely too much on take out and I shouldn't have had dessert at lunch yesterday. It's so hard when a sales rep takes me out, though. I'm off to a slow start.

How about you, Steph? What's going on for you?


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