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Friday, August 13, 2004

Last night, she said

Taco Bell sounds great. I had 5 tacos. Yummy. I also had a few Pringles after Billy finally went to sleep.

It was an interesting night with him last night. He missed his dinner at school (they ran out of mommy milk and I never told them they could use formula in his cereal) and only had 4 ozs of formula. He also hadn't slept since 1:30, so he was cranky. Which isn't too bad as long as someone can hold him and rock or move around. Something that's not too easy when Mommy's trying to eat supreme tacos. Anyway. He fell asleep on the way home and cried when we brought him in the house. Bath time was fun and he didn't cry at all. However, 5 minutes into bedtime nursing and he starts screaming! I tried switching breasts. Screams more. I try a bottle. No go. Finally, I gave him some cereal and I had my happy little boy back. Seems he knew he was owed a real meal!


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