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Monday, August 16, 2004

Nearly heaviest, non-pregnancy, weight

Egads! I'm up to 228.5. Couldn't have anything to do with Taco Bell, cheeseburgers (another one late Saturday night), ice cream, Philly Cheese steaks, bacon and cheese omelette, melted butter, white chocolate with almonds, third helpings of mac and cheese, brownies, or any of the other crap I've been eating lately, could it?

I'm doing a little better today (of course it's only 9:30). I've had cereal, oj, skim milk, and a bagel. I didn't have time to make toast this morning so I grabbed a bagel on the way in.

I WILL have a salad for lunch today. And tomorrow, I'll be bringing in something from home. Fiscally and physically sound.

I've got lots of reasons to lose weight and I'll start listing them right now: Billy's going to be moving on his own soon and I have to keep up. You just know the kid's going to run more than he walks!


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