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Monday, September 20, 2004

no weight, leaky tub

Didn’t weigh in this morning because I wasn’t at home. As the sisters know, we spent the night at my in-laws due to our tube developing a serious leak over the weekend. I’ll be home tonight and will log in my weight tomorrow morning before the plumbers come. I don’t expect to post good news. I’ve been eating poorly. I did however, make 3 workouts last week. Go Netter!

It’s back to school night at the day care tonight. I’m not sure what back to school night entails for babies who can’t walk, but it should be a good time. After that we got back up to the in-laws so I can pick up Billy and he and I will stay at home tonight. Hubby and Molly will stay at the in-laws (so he can shower before work and so she’s not a crazy dog with strangers in the house, she’ll want to make them her new best friends). Hopefully, I’ll get a work out in tomorrow after the plumbers are done. I sure hope it’s an easy fix. Hubby does not deal well with these sorts of things.


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