Annette, Natalie, & Stephanie losing weight and getting fit Who can lose the most?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


I was at 190 yesterday. Not sure how that happened since my diet consisted of hamburgers all weekend. But I'll take it!

Monday, September 27, 2004


Yep. Back up. Must. Stop. Eating. Crap.

Nattie, we knew you were still alive. Participating was another thing....

Losing inches will definitely help the wardrobe issues I'm having; but since this is a weight loss challenge I have to start eating better. I did make it to Curves three days last week.

Friday, September 24, 2004

i'm alive

yes i'm still here. just haven't posted.
curves is going great. i wish i never stopped going.
i can just imagine how much weight i could've lost.
but now i can't wait to see how much i will lose.
so nette just keep to your 3 days a week.
i found that last time when i was going i still lost inches even though
i didn't really change my eating habits.
i will make sure i weigh in monday night
luv me

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Pleasantly surprised

Down to 229. Whew. I figured with all the stuff I've been eating I'd be up. Onward and downward my lovies. Let's see if I can eat a healthy lunch.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Well if that don't beat all....

Grrrr. you walk almost everyday and still nothing comes off. Still at 193. Do you think this has anything to do with the 2 bags of potato chips I ate this weekend? I don't know. (probably).

Oh well. Won't be walking tonight. Gotta catch up on the Homework I blew off this weekend. (got the house clean though).

no weight, leaky tub

Didn’t weigh in this morning because I wasn’t at home. As the sisters know, we spent the night at my in-laws due to our tube developing a serious leak over the weekend. I’ll be home tonight and will log in my weight tomorrow morning before the plumbers come. I don’t expect to post good news. I’ve been eating poorly. I did however, make 3 workouts last week. Go Netter!

It’s back to school night at the day care tonight. I’m not sure what back to school night entails for babies who can’t walk, but it should be a good time. After that we got back up to the in-laws so I can pick up Billy and he and I will stay at home tonight. Hubby and Molly will stay at the in-laws (so he can shower before work and so she’s not a crazy dog with strangers in the house, she’ll want to make them her new best friends). Hopefully, I’ll get a work out in tomorrow after the plumbers are done. I sure hope it’s an easy fix. Hubby does not deal well with these sorts of things.

Friday, September 17, 2004

snack monster

Just checked the vending machine. There's nothing good left in it. Absolutely no chocolate left! I'm kind of glad they haven't refilled it in two weeks!

lonely curves

I was the only woman working out at my Curves last night. There were 4 women working (2 trainees) and 4 women signing up. It was nice having the place to myself, but a bit lonely. I had a good workout, but both CDs (music and instruction) stopped on my circuit! Unfortunately, I’m not doing so well with the eating. I’ve cut out unhealthy snacks (although the vending machine monster is called, fortunately I have no singles or change) excluding a small serving of ice cream on Weds. But, I’ve made some poor choices. I had a pizza burger deluxe at lunch yesterday and lots of Chinese food for dinner. (Hey, Billy loves sticky white rice.) I keep stepping on the scale everyday and not liking what I see. Must do better....

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


thats what is said yesterday and today.
me and mom went to curves today. it felt awesome
see you thursday and saturday. our schedule

Monday, September 13, 2004

So not kicking ass

This is what I get for being so above it all last week. The scale read 230.5. I'm sure it had nothing to do with all the crap I ate in Baltimore this weekend. No, it's the universe getting back at me for being so overconfident.

Its like "Little House on the Prairie," A new Beginning

The stupid scale said 194 today. I need to DO something. Grrrrrrrrrr

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

me not the winner

well i weighed in at 228 this morning. i think we should go until feb 1.
definately will have to start going back to curves now that nettes going.
luv you both


Real women got 'em and I loved my workout last night.

I may kick some serious but if we do extend this challenge to December. Yeehaw!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

double or nothing?

Scale said 228.5 yesterday. When I signed up at Curves on Saturday they had me over 230 (but that was fully clothed after a big breakfast). And they said my body fat % was 46.5! How gross is that? Nearly half my body is fat. Big YUCK!

I say if we continue, let's go to December 20 (even 15 weeks from yesterday) and we double the payout to $50. Winner gets $50, second place only pays $25 to winner, and loser pays $25 to both 1st and 2nd.

What say you two?

By the way, if we were paying out this week, I'd have $25 on the way to Stephie for only gaining 1 pound all summer. I gained 8.5! Since Nattie hasn't weighed in yet this week, we can't give her final stats.

No, I guess not

So today it (and by 'it' I mean that horrible little white box with numbers on it that lives in my bathroom) said 192.

If we want to go until the 31st, that's okay with me, but I think we should stop a week before the Christmas Food Season (for sanity's sake) or go until the 2 or 3 week of January. Why set ourselves up for failure? Also, if we keep going with this, I think we should up the ante as well.

Just my thoughts.

Last One (but is it really?)

Friday, September 03, 2004


I’m going to do it. I’m going to join Curves; I called and they are open M, W, F 6 am-12 pm and 3-7:30 pm; T, H 8 am -12 pm and 3-7:30; and Sat 8-12. I’m going to go register tomorrow and then I’m going to set up a schedule with my husband.

I was up to 229 this morning. I’m absolutely disgusted with myself.

This weekend I’m going to buy stuff for healthy lunches for next week and I’m going to pack them ahead (not that big a deal, I’m only working 2 days) and I’m not going to let this situation get any worse.

I’ve decided on the perfect reward. For every 10 pounds I lose I get a free day. On that day I can eat as much of whatever I want all day long. Every other day, I eat healthily. I may keep posting in this blog or I may see if I can resurrect my old fitness blog.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


well i don't know what i did, but i lost 2 lbs since last week.
maybe we should go until dec 31..